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GTA 5: New Screenshots Tease Love Fist Return

Adam Barnes


You don't care what we have to say, this is just another batch of GTA 5 porn for you to ogle. Well, enjoy.

GTA 5 isn't far off and though we were promised more details on GTA Online - the multiplayer component of GTA 5 - Rockstar has only got these 12 new screenshots to show us.

And they're certainly very lovely, showing off car chases, plane crashes and even military-grade helicopters. Which hopefully means the return of 'proper' Vigilante missions.

Trevor is also spotted wearing a Love Fist t-shirt, the infamous band that appeared in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.

The much-loved set of characters were teased in earlier GTA 5 artwork, so hopefully this is a subtle suggestion that we might be seeing the return of Love Fist.

Anyway, stop reading this. Take a look at the GTA 5 screenshots, it's the only reason you're here.

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