PS4 Friends List Increasing To 2,000

Adam Barnes


The PS4 will increase the friends list limit greatly over the PS3's measly 100 friends.

Published on Jul 29, 2013

The PS3 and Xbox 360's friends lists are both limited to 100 friends maximum. This means you can only add the GamerTags or PSN ID's of up to 100 friends and, after that, you'll need to delete friends to add new ones.

The PS4 won't have such a limit, however, and it has been revealed over on the PS Access video channel that the PS4 will allow for up to 2,000 people to be added to your friends list.

That's a considerable amount, we're sure you'll agree. Unnecessary, perhaps, but it all ties into this wider social aspect that Sony is focusing on with the PS4. Maybe 2,000 won't end up being enough?

Also revealed as part of the video was that the DualShock 3 won't be supported by the PS4, but PlayStation Move - remember those? - will be.

Watch the PS4 Q&A video for the full details yourself.



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