PS4s & Xbox Ones Will 'Fly Out The Door' On Launch

Adam Barnes


Though overall interest in next-gen consoles will be less than at the launch of current gen due to a change in the casual market.

Published on Jul 25, 2013

Recently we reported on an analyst who believed the Xbox One had the numbers advantage over the PS4 for launch and could outship it by 3 to 1.

Speaking with Strategy Analytics' director of digital media strategies Ed Barton, we found out that this might not actually be the case and Sony's PS4 could be the next-gen console with the advantage.

When asked what this recent report meant for the sales of the Xbox One when compared to the PS4, Barton said:

"Strange I’d heard exactly the opposite but I’m not going to get into a pissing match about whose sources are better."

Strategy Analytics recently conducted a survey that suggested the PS4 was the console of choice in both the US and Europe, and that the PS4 sell 50% more than the Xbox One over the launch period.

The survey indicated that 14.2% of over 6000 consumers surveyed were very or somewhat likely to buy a PS4 on launch, while only 9.5% said the same of the Xbox One.

Interest in dedicated consoles has waned, according to Barton, but that's not all bad news.

"From previous launches the market is big enough that the first few million units fly out the door and it is very difficult logistically to satisfy this demand but the manufacturers have been getting better.

"This time round there is no stand out component which seems tricky to manufacture like that little laser which was necessary for the PS3’s BR drive so I expect to see some strong volumes and only limited levels of shortage."

Barton added that, hopefully, the rush to be first to the market won't result in failure rates akin to the Xbox 360's RROD.

"Of course getting the units out is only the first part of the equation, making sure defect and return levels is equally important and no one wants a repeat of 360’s “things break” debacle this time round."

We certainly hope so too.

But what of Microsoft's recent self-publishing policy change? Will this affect the interest in the Xbox One for the better?

"I  don’t think this moves the needle at all," said Barton, "only you, me and people who post on NeoGAF care about this kind of thing. Ten million CoD players couldn’t give two shits."



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