Xbox One To Support Mods? 'It's Up To Developers' Says Major Nelson

Ryan King


Following news that Xbox One can be used as a dev kit, it looks like mod support could be incoming too.

Published on Jul 25, 2013

In a first for Xbox, it looks likely that Xbox One will support mods.

Following news that any Xbox One can be used as a dev kit, it was asked on Reddit if this means the console would support mods.

"It's up to developers to support that," answered Microsoft's Major Nelson. "These are two very different things."

His answer suggests that the capacity for modding is there, if developers create games in a way that will support it.

Xbox and Xbox 360 didn't allow for mods but the recent Xbox One policy changes are positioning the new console to be the most open console Microsoft has made to date.

We're still doubtful we'll see mods on Xbox One titles but this is the closest Microsoft has come to allowing them to happen on its console.



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