PS4 Has Less Risk Of Failing Consoles

Adam Barnes


After the PS3 suffered from overheating problems, it seems the PS4 should have much fewer issues.

Published on Jul 23, 2013

While not nearly as much of an epidemic as Microsoft's Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death, the PS3's equivalent - the Yellow Light Of Death - has been the bane of many a PS3 gamer this generation.

Thankfully it seems like the PS4 won't suffer from such problems.

We'd already thought the PS4's low power consumption would mean cooler operating temperatures, but Sony has now had the PS4 approved for FCC registration.

This means that - as far as the FCC is concerned - the PS4 is a viable electronic suitable for sale to the public in America.

It's fairly early for an FCC which does suggest the PS4 could be further along the line than we might have been led to believe.

What is interesting is the tidbits of info the FCC registration coughs up. According to the registration, the PS4 will run at 5-35 degrees Celsius - which is fairly cool compared to the PS3's average of 45-55 (over 60 and you're at risk of the YLOD).

So the low power consumption of the PS4 does mean that it's at less risk of failures, since overheating is the primary cause of failure for consoles.

Additionally it is revealed that the PS4 has a maximum clock frequency of 2.75GHz and weighs approximately 2.8kg (the latest model of PS3 weighs 2.1kg, while the original fat PS3 weighs 5kg).

The model number for the PS4 will be CUH-1001A.

Unsurprisingly, the PS4 is also being manufactured in China and Japan.

Good news for PS4 gamers then. Of course it's impossible to predict any future hardware issues, but in terms of overheating - the PS4 should have no issues at all.

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