Peter Molyneux: "I Would Love To Have Finished Milo"

Ryan King


22Cans founder Peter Molyneux laments the loss of cancelled Kinect title Milo & Kate.

Published on Jul 22, 2013

Peter Molyneux admits he "would love to have finished Milo", the cancelled Kinect title known to the world as Project Milo.

Speaking to gamesTM, Molyneux was asked if there was any unfinished business when it comes to console games.

"I mean, I would love to have finished the Milo thing," answered Molyneux. I did this thing called Milo, and there was a lot more to Milo than people saw. I’d have loved to have finished that project."

Project Milo was revealed at E3 2009 as a tech demo of sorts for Project Natal. Project Milo would become Milo And Kate and Project Natal would become Kinect, but only the latter would make it to retail. Instead, some of the features and technology used in Milo And Kate made it to Fable: The Journey instead.

"You know, there was bits of it that really worked incredibly well that were emotional and really emotionally driven moments," continued Molyneux.

"There was one bit where Milo was just sitting in this room and he’d just moved house and he was just so fragile and scared, it was such an endearing moment.

"And the world never saw that, and that was a real tragedy. It was just that Milo was not for the Xbox 360. It may have been better, funnily enough, to have existed on tablets. There’s an audience out there that would maybe appreciate that softer, less script-driven game. I feel sad that it was never finished, but I think it was sensible of [Microsoft] to stop it."

The full interview will appear in issue 138 of gamesTM. Issue 137 of gamesTM is on sale now, from newsagents and digitally.



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