Xbox One 'Might As Well Be The Troll Box'

Adam Barnes


An anonymous Xbox One developer expresses his discomfort at the negativity surrounding the Xbox One.

Published on Jul 15, 2013

Xbox One developers are people too, you know.

There's no denying there's been a lot of negativity surrounding the Xbox One since, well, way before it was even revealed and was rumoured to have the always-on DRM.

But now that Microsoft is flip-flopping on its policies, one anonymous Xbox One developer has taken to Reddit for an AMA, revealing a surprising amount of candid detail.

Of interest is his disappointment over the attitude of gamers, and how the Xbox One has been portrayed by the internet as a whole.

"My purpose here is not to reveal technical information," claimed the Reddit-verified but anonymous Xbox One developer, "but to show you that us devs are consumers too.

"Some of the policies we too only heard the day of the reveal or at E3. We too, ponder about their pros and cons."

The developer added that there are "heated discussions on our policies all the time internally."

He said: "Engineering practices have taught us there are always trade offs. We lay out all the benefits of different policies and figure out what we have to give up in order to obtain those benefits.

"The positive comments we read make us happy," said the developer. "The negatives give us the impression that we are evil and the Xbox One might as well be the Troll box."

Undeterred, however, the developer still believes the Xbox One will end up all well in the end. "I have confidence in our management that all their decisions are always well debated before they come to a plan of action."

We'll say this though, Troll Box is a much better name.



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