PS4: Mark Cerny Has Had 'No Negative Feedback' On DualShock 4

Adam Barnes


It seems everyone is a fan of Sony's new controller for the PS4.

Published on Jul 11, 2013

Mark Cerny - the mind behind the PS4 - was at Develop this week to discuss the next-gen console from Sony and what makes the PS4 great.

Of particular interest is the controller which - judging by a lot of feedback from those that have had hands-on with it - is sounding like a considerable improvement over the controllers we have this generation.

In an interview, Mark Cerny revealed that - thanks to the collaborative efforts of his PS4 development team - the DualShock 4 has not had any negative feedback from those that have used it.

"The controller was a very, very broad collaboration that went out to the game teams and even some of the third-party teams," said Cerny. "We looked at everything we could put into the controller and solicited feedback from the teams on what we should include."

Cerny added that "first-person shooters are very important to us", and so he went to the key teams that make FPS games to ask for their feedback.

"We went to key teams who make the best of the best and we got their specific feedback on trigger springiness, concavity or convexity of joysticks and deadzones, and tuned the controller through a succession of prototypes to what it is today.

"The result is we showed at E3 and I did not hear – and it’s a tough audience – I did not hear any negative feedback about the controller."

Cerny suggested it was "vital to involve third parties" since first party developers had the "luxury" of developing for a single platform, with many of them craving "that extraordinarily high-level of complexity."



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