GTA 5: Details On Gangs & Police Warfare Surface

Adam Barnes


GTA 5 details are hard to come by, so though these new details are limited fans will no doubt appreciate the news.

Published on Jul 5, 2013

Rockstar is usually the one handing out details on GTA 5 - beyond the initial Game Informer reveal - but here it seems GameStop has a little nugget of detail for you.

GTA 5 is already known to have police chases a little more realistic than previous GTAs, and it's already known that gangs will once again return to Los Santos.

But did you know that you'll be able to use enemy gangs to distract the police from a chase and make your inevitable getaway?

"In GTAV, street gangs are still a problem in Los Santos," reads a recent GameStop Facebook post, "while the Lost Motorcycle Club is making moves in Blaine County.

"Some gangs are more interested in fighting the cops than each other - use that to your advantage when escaping the authorities."

That's it, sadly. But it does pose an interest question on just how much you'll be able to use the world around you to escape the cops rather than the radar style as seen in GTA 4.

Either way, gangs, police and everything else coming to GTA 5 on 17 September 2013.



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