Next-Gen: 'It Will Take A While To Use Full Power Of Those Machines' Says Watch Dog Producer

Ryan King


Watch Dogs man talks about how the power of next-gen will impact on development.

Published on Jul 1, 2013

Watch Dogs producer Dominic Guay says it will "take a little while before we can get to the full power of those machines", in reference to PS4 and Xbox One.

Talking to NowGamer, we asked Guay what his first thoughts are on the next-gen consoles.

"We're still very much in the R&D period, that's what I call it, because the hardware is still new," Guay answered. "It's obvious to us that it’s going to take a little while before we can get to the full power of those machines and harness everything. But, even now we realise that both of them have comparable power, and for us that’s good, but everyday it changes almost. We’re pushing it and we’re going to continue doing that until [Watch Dogs] ship date."

He also spoke about some of the advantages next-gen power affords Watch Dogs.

"There are quite a few, obviously there are the graphics but you don’t need me to tell you, but there’s also everything related to the dynamism of the city," continued Guay. "For example, we’re able to simulate the water in full 3D, if you go on a boat the waves that form will affect other boats. We’re also able to spend more time giving brains to the other people on the streets so that they can basically be smarter, and there can be more of them. It’s what I call dynamism; basically, the way the city reacts to you, we are able to push further on the Xbox One."



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