Pitchford On Aliens E3 Demo: 'The Alternative Is To Never Discuss Any Upcoming Game'

Ryan King


Gearbox president speaks up about Aliens: Colonial Marines demo at E3.

Published on Jul 1, 2013

It can be argued that Borderlands 2 season is the best value of this generation, says Randy Pitchford, who also defended the infamous E3 demo of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Pitchford opened up discussion on his Twitter feed after linking to a Gamasutra blog about monetisation.

"Value provided far exceeds cost, does it not?" said Pitchford, responding to a comment about Borderlands 2 DLC. "Dragon's Keep is probably the best value in the entire industry at the moment..."

He then continued the sentiment in a further tweet: "I think it's arguable that the Borderlands 2 Season Pass turned out to be the best value of this generation."

Then conversation almost inevitably switched to Aliens: Colonial Marines, and the differences between the E3 demo and what was eventually released.

Responding to a tweet saying 'exploitation is showing a demo for a game that looks and acts nothing like the released product', Pitchford replied: "A false demo created after product was finished would be dishonest. To share intent with work-in-progress should be encouraged! The alternative is to never discuss any upcoming game until it is completely finished and available for purchase."

VideoGamer has a video highlighting the differences between the E3 demo and the final version of Aliens: Colonial Marines.



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