PS4 To Outsell Xbox One On Launch - Analyst Report

Adam Barnes


Microsoft's flip-flopping on DRM policies have done more harm than good, but that's not the key reason PS4 will sell more than Xbox One.

Published on Jun 21, 2013

We've already claimed that Sony won this year's E3 simply by virtue of spanking Microsoft on the used games policy. So hard was the spanking, in fact, that Microsoft even changed its DRM policies on the Xbox One.

But will that convert to sales dominance by Sony? Has the recent announcement that the Xbox One won't block used games affected gamers interest in the previously despised console?

A recent report on Seeking Alpha claims that the buyers it sent to E3 believed Sony will sell around the same amount of PS4s as it did on the launch of the PS3 - so 1.8 million - while the Xbox One will sell around a quarter of what Microsoft initially did with the Xbox 360 at 1.1 million.

According to the report, current pre-orders of the PS4 and the Xbox One corraborate this with estimates that there are currently three PS4s pre-ordered for every two Xbox Ones.

There are three reasons that these four buyers gave for the pro-PS4 sales on launch, the first being the price difference - the PS4 is cheaper than Xbox One - and the second being Sony's assertive approach to used games, rather than Microsoft's indecisive policies.

The primary reason Seeking Alpha suggests for the dedicated gamer's PS4 positivity, however, is that it is simply a more powerful console.

The increased speed of the GDDR5 RAM and GPU of the PS4 compared to the Xbox One will resonate with the hardcore gamer - those that are likely to buy on launch - instead of the Xbox One, which is - technically speaking - an inferior console and targeted mostly at providing entertainment for the living room rather than, as Seeking Alpha puts it, the "gamer's den".

According to the report, Microsoft's recent U-turn on the Xbox One's DRM policies has also made GameStop management wary of the console, with the site claiming the retailer is suggesting its employees give "preferential treatment" to the PS4.

The report goes into further detail surrounding the potential positivity in sales for the games industry by the end of the year thanks to next-gen consoles.

It also runs down what it expects to be the most profitable sales on both PS4 and Xbox One, suggesting that Sony has fewer bankable names than Microsoft - though Ubisoft will benefit the most.



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