Killzone: Shadow Fall Originally Wasn't The Centrepiece Of PS4 Reveal

Ryan King


Sony only made it the centrepiece after they saw the FPS in action.

Published on Jun 18, 2013

Killzone: Shadow Fall only became the centrepiece of Sony's PS4 reveal after Sony saw it in action, according to Guerilla Games' Eric Boltjes.

The lead designer at Guerilla Games revealed the info when we asked if there was much pressure knowing Shadow Fall was going to be the climax of the PS4 reveal.

"It actually was the other way round," Boltjes replied. "We started working on the PS4 title and it became that good that they wanted to make it the centrepiece, which is very flattering. But once we knew that, it brought a lot of pressure. We really needed to shine. It’s great though. We get a lot of support from Sony and a lot of patience and a lot of backing.

"For example, the controller, we were actually involving in developing the controller as well. We gave tips like hey, can you make the triggers bigger and stuff like that. So they give us a lot of love and we give them a lot of love. I mean, they’re our boss but, you know [laughs]"

We'll have full impressions on Killzone: Shadow Fall later this week.



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