Next-Gen: 'I'm Tired Of Shooting People' Claims Payday 2 Dev

Adam Barnes


David Goldfarb, game director on Payday 2, feels the FPS fatigue that so many of us are suffering from.

Published on Jun 13, 2013

With so many developers keen to talk next-gen at E3 this year, few of them seem to do so as honestly as David Goldfarb, game director on Payday 2.

Where most developers praised next-gen's graphical capabilities or connectivity, Goldfarb simply hopes for new experiences. He's sick of shooting things, he tells us.

"Next-gen to me is not about selling your graphics," said Goldfarb. "and not about connectivity in the living room and it's not about allowing me to socially network with people at all.

"I don't give a shit about any of those things actually."

For Goldfarb, next-gen is "people giving me compelling new mechanics. I'm tired of shooting people, like, allow me to have other actions to interacting with things.

"That to me would actually mean the next generation, it could also be control mechanisms or input. Maybe that's going to be in the new Kinect, maybe it will be some other new haptic feedback thing, maybe it'll be VR stuff you know with [Oculus] Rift - which is really cool."

"I would like to see people that are actually able to push people into a different space and get away from having killing be - not because there's no value in that - but I would just like to see someone actually make an effort to do something like that."

Goldfarb admits that Payday 2 falls foul of his own criticism; he is making a game about shooting people.

"But in theory," he says, "we should be able to make a more encompassing experience that allows for different possibilities."

His criticisms are targetted largely at the repetition of Call Of Duty, it seems. "I personally don't want to make the Call Of Duty experience - or even the Battlefield 4 experience which seems to be like the Call Of Duty experience right, which is a mistake for them.

"I know why they're big, that's their decision but I don't think that's the right decision. I can imagine if you could play single-player BF and make it feel like multiplayer BF, that would be fucking awesome, but it doesn't and they don't.

"And that's one access that they could try; what if they went back to the Bad Company stuff? Or even something like ArmA? Why not? All because it won't sell 25 million."

What do you reckon? Do you hope to see more originality and innovation in next-gen, or are you happy with Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Killzone: Shadow Fall?



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