Killzone: Shadow Fall: "We Still Need To Improve"

Sam Smith


Guerilla talk about the challenges in making their PS4 exclusive.

Published on Jun 13, 2013

We've been talking to Eric Boltjes, lead designer at Guerilla Games, about upcoming PS4 launch title and exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall.

"Graphically, weve always been at the forefront," says Boltjes. "But gameplay-wise, we still need to improve. We are constantly exploring, finding ways to become better and create more varied and interesting gameplay. 

We always listen a lot to our fans. Mostly what they said after Killzone 3 was that it kind of became a bit samey, quite similar to Killzone 2. That's why we want to do something fresh, new features, enemy types, worlds and themes."

Killzone: Shadow Fall will be an exclusive launch title for the PS4 when it launches later this year. Stay on NowGamer for more E3 news and coverage!



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