Elder Scrolls Online On PS4 & Xbox One Details Confirmed

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Zenimax Online Studios recently announced that Elder Scrolls Online is coming to PS4 and Xbox One, but what does that mean?

Published on Jun 13, 2013

During Sony's PS4 E3 2013 conference, Bethesda revealed that Elder Scrolls Online would be coming to next-gen consoles alongside PC and Mac versions.

But this is a fully-fledged MMO, how will Elder Scrolls Online work on PS4 and Xbox One? Speaking with GameSpot, Zenimax Online Studios' Paul Sage revealed the differences between consoles and PC.

"The next-gen consoles are extremely powerful," said Sage. "They're great machines. Absoluetely they're going to be largely the same experience.

"Probably the difference is going to be the way the UI is done because we want to bring out the best of the controllers.

"And for PC and Mac they're used to keyboard and mouse and so we want to make sure that interface is not influenced by anything other than it's great for PC and Mac."

But the interface hasn't been affected by the news that a PS4 and Xbox One version of Elder Scrolls Online will be happening.

"Right away in the game," said Sage, "long before we even thought about whether we were going to do this on consoles, we decided that we wanted to immerse the player in the world.

"And so part of immersing the player in the world is taking away those UI elements, and not having them on the screen so much. And I think that's one of the things that leads to people saying this really feels like an Elder Scrolls game."

Sage continued, adding that though a shortcut bar has been included, it's still largely contextual to minimise the impact of interface interference.



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