Ubisoft's PS4 Racer 'The Crew' Details Leaked

Adam Barnes


Ubisoft Reflections' next game has had a bunch of details leaked ahead of a probably E3 2013 reveal.

Published on Jun 3, 2013

Ubisoft Reflections has been in the news recently after information on a new racing game called The Crew came to light, suggesting the game could be due for a reveal at E3 2013.

Now more details on the game have been revealed from a playtester who has released his impressions of the game.

  • The Crew is expected to play similar to Ubisoft Reflections most recent racer Driver: San Francisco, with a semi-arcade style of racing.
  • As with Driver: San Francisco, The Crew will be open world with the ability to travel between New York City and Los Angeles, though the scale of these cities has been reduced.
  • It is not clear whether you will travel through wilderness to reach each city or whether the game will simply load in each area.
  • The Crew will also feature a similar 'Google Maps' style mechanic, presumably for navigating the open world.
  • A 'Freeride' mode will be available too, which the option to choose between missions or challenges.
  • Multiplayer will feature 8 players in either competitive or co-operative gameplay, though no more specific details were provided.
  • As is the case with Ubisoft's Watch Dogs - and presumably many of the publisher's next-gen games - The Crew will come with a companion app for mobile devices.
  • It is presumed that The Crew's release date will be before the end of 2013, presumably to tie into a next-gen release. With such a close release date, it's safe to assume The Crew will be announced at E3 2013.

According to the source of these details, The Crew was played on the Xbox 360 version of the game.

A recent tweet from the GamesLab Ubisoft Twitter account confirms that a playtest for a game did occur between 29 May and 31 May, and that Ubisoft were explicitly looking for both arcade and simulation racing game fans to take part.

We reported on Ivory Tower's work on a rumoured PS4 (and presumably Xbox One) nex-gen racer previously, and now it seems The Crew is that project.




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