PS4 Won't Require An Internet Connection Confirms Mark Cerny

Adam Barnes


The creator of Sony's PS4, Mark Cerny, has confirmed that the next-gen console won't require an internet connection.

Published on Jun 3, 2013

There's been much aggro for both Sony and Microsoft over the PS4 and Xbox One since their reveals surrounding speculation that next-gen consoles will require an internet connection to use them.

Many expect this to be a measure of DRM, keeping track of which games are owned by the player prior to playing their games.

Sony's Mark Cerny has revealed that the PS4 will not require an internet connection, however, reiterating Shuhei Yoshida's previous comment that Sony hadn't considered an always-on internet connection for the PS4.

In an interview with Elmundo, Mark Cerny answered the question of always-on internet requirement with:

"PS4 is not a permanent connection system in that sense, but the experience is much richer if you are connected."

"You will have access to digital content and updates for your games," added Cerny, "along with a wide range of social functions: upload videos and screenshots, see your friends play and interact with them in various ways within the games."

Though this doesn't answer the question of DRM, it would make it hard to manage such a system if a connection to the internet isn't mandatory.

Microsoft's message has been fairly confusing on the matter, with the resulting info suggesting the Xbox One will require the user to connect to the internet once a day.

We won't know for certain until closer to launch day, obviously, but at least Sony is being vocal on the matter.



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