Xbox One Price Is £399

Adam Barnes


Microsoft's Xbox One is going to cost £399, if a retailer leak is to be believed.

Published on May 21, 2013

Though Microsoft has just announced the Xbox One, it hasn't yet officially revealed the price of the next-gen Xbox.

UK-retailer Zavvi, however, has gone live with its pre-order scheme, revealing the price of the Xbox One in the UK to be £400.

Though this could be an estimate on Zavvi's part, it ties in with Paul Thurrott's claims that the Xbox One will cost around in the US.

The Xbox One is confirmed to be releasing this year, though a more specific date hasn't been provided. Microsoft will likely aim to release the Xbox One towards the end of 2013.

We'll have a look around at other retailers for possible price listings of the Xbox One, but the majority of websites offering a pre-order scheme aren't hinting at the price or release date at all.



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