Next Xbox Reveal Event To Show Next-Gen FIFA, BF4 & UFC

Adam Barnes


It seems EA already has a comfortable relationship with Microsoft and it's next Xbox.

Published on May 21, 2013

EA has been teasing a number of next-gen reveals timed for Microsoft's next Xbox announcement, adding creedence to the cosy relationship the two companies have.

So far we've seen a number of EA's bigger franchises teasing announcements for around the same time as Microsoft's next Xbox reveal.

The Battlefield Twitter account, for example, tweeted "Big announcements are coming soon!" yesterday, suggesting there may be some important info about Battlefield 4 and next-gen being revealed tonight.

Meanwhile EA Sports is gearing up for reveals too, with the UFC Twitter account tweeting a reveal for the next UFC - presumable next-gen - coming on the 21 May.

It didn't say when the reveal will happen, but it's a safe assumption that it'll be during the next Xbox announcement.

Additionally the official FIFA Facebook account revealed a very similar tease, this time confirming that it will happen during the next Xbox reveal.

Rounding out EA Sports' collection, EA's NBA Twitter account also posted a tease, saying "Countdown to tip-off" with the hashtags #NBALive and #WeAreLive.

Lastly, and this one is more of a rumour, car manufacturer McLaren teased an announcement of some kind tied to the Xbox event.

Inconspicuous enough, perhaps, since it could also be Forza or even Project Gotham Racing. However, the official Need For Speed Facebook account posted a picture of a McLaren car to "brighten up" your day. Coincidence? Probably not.

So there you are, that's almost all of EA's heavy hitters and they're going to be first revealed on the next. It's unlikely that they'll be exclusive to the platform - EA does like money, after all - but it's certainly an important statement for both EA and Microsoft.



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