Pokemon X & Y Rumours: New Pokemon, Moves & Mew Forme

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This latest batch of rumours comes with a wide variety of details, some of which clarify earlier confirmation.

Published on May 20, 2013

We've already got a bunch of confirmed Pokemon X and Y details, so if you're only looking for facts its probably worth heading over to our Pokemon X and Y confirmed details page.

But if rumours is what you're after then you're in luck, since we've seen a handful of additional details for Pokemon X and Y that might interest you.

Pokemon X and Y rumours

  • Pancham - the fighting Panda Pokemon that has already been revealed - will evolve into Pangoro in the early level 30s. Pangoro is a dark/fighting type Pokemon and you must have another Dark Pokemon in your party to initiate the evolution.
  • There is a new Pokemon called Inkay (the details of which were not included) that will evolve into another called Malimar. The interesting part of this rumour is that Inkay evolves by turning the 3DS upside down when it levels up. It's worth noting that Inkay and Malilmar backwards is Yakni and Ramilam - so 'Yak' and 'Ram', which does suggest they could be part of the same animal family.
  • A new Pokemon called Espurr (as in ESP + purr) will evolve into Meowstick (as in meow + mystic). These will likely be psychic type cats.
  • You will have two rivals in the game, one who is friendly and another who is competitive. You will receive the fully evolved starter Pokemon from your friendly rival after completing the game.
  • You can meet Professor Sycamore, who will give you a choice between Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle.
  • HMs still exist in Pokemon X and Y, but apparently they are fewer in number.
  • There will be a new move called Belch, which is a poison-type attack that can only be used if the Pokemon is holding a Berry. It has a base power of 120.
  • Draining Kiss is apparently a fairy-type attack - adding to the current rumour that a new type will be included in Pokemon X and Y and it will be fairy. This move will heal the user for as much damage as it deals and has a base attack of 60.
  • It has been suggested that Mewtwo will have two new Formes, one of which we have already seen. Where the current Forme resembles Mewtwo, this second new Forme is said to resemble Mew.

One additional piece of information comes as clarification of the ability to ride Gogoat. Apparently it is not possible to ride your own Pokemon and, instead, Gogoat can be used as an alternate means of travelling around Lumiose City.

So what do you make of these rumours? Sound plausible or are they total nonsense? Let us know below.

[via PokeBeach]



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