GTA 5 Publisher Has 'Extraordinary Next-Gen Games' In Development

Adam Barnes


Rockstar and 2K Games are working on next-gen games, according to Take Two.

Published on May 14, 2013

Though GTA 5 is releasing towards the end of the year - just before next-gen consoles release - that doesn't mean that Rockstar has been ignorant of the looming next-generation.

Hell, most developers have been eagerly waiting for next-gen.

In a recent investor call, Take Two's Strauss Zelnick revealed that the company has a few next-gen projects on the go, presumably from its subsidiaries Rockstar Games and 2K Games.

"We also have an extraordinary pipeline of titles in development for next-generation platforms," said Zelnick as part of a discussion of the company's future, "including groundbreaking new intellectual property and releases from our proven franchises.

"As a result, our current outlook is to be profitable on a non-GAAP basis in fiscal 2015 and for the foreseeable future."

There was no mention of who was working on what, but it does mean we'll see both new IP and existing IP brought over to next-gen platforms from both Rockstar and 2K Games.



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