Fallout 4 Not Coming To E3 2013

Adam Barnes


Don't be expecting Fallout 4 to be announced any time soon, unfortunately.

Published on May 10, 2013

With E3 on the horizon, many have been looking to Bethesda to announce Fallout 4, especially after the news of the Skyrim team moving on to new things.

Bethesda recently announced two new games, however; survival horror The Evil Within from the creator of Resident Evil and shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order.

But unfortunately it seems Bethesda won't be bringing Fallout 4 to E3 2013.

According to a report by noobfeed, Bethesda sent through an E3 2013 invite, suggesting that there will be presentations on all three of Bethesda's upcoming games - including Elder Scrolls Online - and hands-on time with ESO and Wolfenstein: The New Order.

There is no mention of Fallout 4 or an unannounced game being demoed during the invite, suggesting that the next Fallout game won't be announced during the event.

The story was taken down by noobfeed - presumably at the request of Bethesda - but a cached version of the website is still accessible.

Obviously these details could still be kept under wraps. Leaks happen, as seen here, so Bethesda may be keeping things ultra secret at the moment. As it stands, however, don't expect it.

At the moment little is known of Fallout 4, but it is suggested that it will be set in Boston and Three Dog could return. Check out our Fallout 4 - everything we know article to get up to speed.



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