PS4: Sony Teasing Announcement For 16 May

Adam Barnes


Sony is gearing up for a reveal of some kind, but what could it be? Is it PS4 related?

Published on May 9, 2013

Sony is teasing a Gran Turismo announcement for next week, but it hasn't stopped there. A brand new PlayStation website has turned up with a countdown (well, technically a countup) that suggests Sony could be announcing something on the 16 May.

The website features a counter currently on 358 days of its 999,999th year. The video also has a specific marker, suggesting the 1,000,000th year will be when the countdown ends.

The title for this announcement is Panopiticon, a name that had previously be revealed by a Sony Europe trademark.

The name of the word suggests a 360 degree tower structure inside a circular prison intended to make viewing all its prisoners at any point possible.

When we originally reported on the Sony trademark we assumed it might be a new type of 360 degree camera due to the trademark's description, which read:

"Toys and playthings; hand-held computer games equipment (not adapted with TV receivers); parts and accessories for hand-held computer games equipment (not adapted with TV receivers); card games; board games; arcade video game machines; video game apparatus; electronic games; parts and fittings for all the above."

Now that the PS4 has been revealed, however, this unique camera concept is unlikely, making us consider whether or not the trademark is actually for a new Sony Japan Studio game.

The trademark itself does include references to video game software and downloadable games, perhaps for PS3, PS Vita and maybe even PS4.

The video itself doesn't look to offer any relevance to the term Panopticon, but the feed does flicker from time to time, suggesting some kind of CCTV surveillance.

We'll find out what it is shortly, but colour us interested, Sony.

This announcement is due to be unveiled on 16 May 7PM JST - which would put it at 11AM BST for European gamers.

This is just days ahead of Microsoft's planned Next Xbox reveal event on the 21 May.



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