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GTA 5: New Artwork Reveals Extra Characters

Adam Barnes


After a slew of GTA 5 previews go live, six new pieces of artwork - in that inimitable GTA style - have appeared on the web.

We saw GTA 5 in action and we've already talked at great length about the GTA 5 gameplay demo, about how it could be the best open world game yet and even a list of facts you didn't know about GTA 5.

But that's still not enough.

So how about six brand new concept images for GTA 5? Though some of them show characters we've already seen - Michael, Franklin and Trevor - they are actually newer versions of these characters.

One also shows Franklin and Michael preparing for a heist of some kind.

Then there's artwork for Jimmy and Tracy, the son and daughter of Michael. It's interesting to see how the artwork has depicted the two, and it also highlights their personalities.

Then there's Lamar - who we saw in Franklin's GTA 5 trailer - as he is stealing a car.

And lastly brand new character known only as Nervous Ron. Resembling a more paranoid version of The Truth, Ron is equipped with a radiowave scanner, presumably listening in to emergency services for coming danger.

Either way, they're all glorious pieces of artwork and well worth perusing.

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