Xbox 720: Microsoft Registers 'Xbox Fusion' Domain

Adam Barnes


Microsoft is registering new domains, leading many to speculate over the potential name of the soon to be revealed next Xbox.

Published on May 1, 2013

With Microsoft gearing up to reveal the Xbox 720 - or whatever it's going to be called - at its next Xbox reveal event on 21 May, many are speculating as to what the console will be called.

A number of domains recently registered by Microsoft - and spotted by Fusible - point to the name Xbox Fusion, with a number of different domains on the same name:

Strangely Microsoft doesn't actually own the domain. currently redirects to

Of course this could be anything Xbox themed; perhaps a new name for Xbox Smartglass or a potential as-yet unknown new service.

According to Fusible, domain investor Andy Booth believes Xbox Fusion is the name Microsoft will settle on.

Not only due to the numerous domains registered surrounding the name, but that the symbol for 'infinity' (another rumoured name of the console) can also be interpreted as 'fusion'.

We'll have to wait until 21 May to find out for certain.



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