GTA 5 Voice Actress: "People Are Freaking Out… I Have No Idea Who I Played"

Ryan King


Shari Albert is voicing… well, she's voicing someone in GTA 5, but she doesn't know who. Oh.

Published on Apr 30, 2013

Shari Albert has been unearthed as one of the voice actresses in GTA 5 by GTAForums - the only problem is that she claims she has no idea who she played.

The initial speculation was that she played Amanda, the mother seen in the second trailer for GTA 5, after her credit appeared on IMDB.

Shari Albert tweeted back in February 3rd 2012 "Booked a video game that won't tell me what it is until the recording Monday- its like they're the top secret police!"

Yesterday, possibly as a response to GTA fans tweeting her and asking if she voiced Amada, Shari tweeted:"People are freakin' about this video game I voiced. People: I have no idea who I played. I just read what they put in front of me. #paycheck"

It's not the first bit of videogame voiceover work the actress has done - she also provided voiceover work for Superman Returns and voiced Lorna Miles in Alan Wake.




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