PS4 & Xbox 720 Simultaneous Launch Is 'Best For The Industry'

Adam Barnes


Who will be first? PS4 or Xbox 720? One analyst claims that it doesn't really matter.

Published on Apr 29, 2013

We know that the PS4 is due to be released in 'Holiday 2013', and it's widely rumoured that the Xbox 720 is going to launch in November.

If true, that's possibly the closest any set of competing consoles have launched alongside each other - and while it's exciting for us, it could be a detriment to one of the console manufacturers.

EEDAR's Jesse Divnich believes otherwise, however, suggesting that a simultaneous launch of these two next-gen consoles can only be beneficial to the industry and to us gamers.

"It would be best for the industry to see a simultaneous launch of the next generation consoles," said Divnich. "The combined marketing campaigns from both Microsoft and Sony will act as a catalyst to drive excitement back into traditional consoles."

Divnich then added that, more than just marketing interest, the competition between Microsoft and Sony will be "to the benefit of the consumer".

Have you already decided which console you'll be opting for, or are you waiting for Microsoft's Next Xbox reveal on 21 May?



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