Xbox 720 Tech Specs, Release Date, Launch Games - Everything We Know

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It's official, Microsoft is getting ready to show off the next Xbox - so here's a summary of everything we know so far.

Published on Apr 25, 2013

After months of speculation and rumours, Microsoft has finally confirmed that the next Xbox - currently (and temporarily) referred to as the Xbox 720 - is happening.

Microsoft announced that the next Xbox will be formally revealed on 21 May 2013 at an event in Microsoft's Redmond headquarters.

Unfortunately at the moment that is all we know for certain, so in anticipation of the next Xbox reveal we've collated all the hot topics surrounding the Xbox 720's potential tech specs, release date, launch lineup and more.

Microsoft will reveal Next Xbox in May

The only confirmed bit of information is that the 'new generation' of Xbox will be revealed on 21 May 2013.

Additionally, Microsoft confirmed that it would showcase the Next Xbox launch games 19 days later at E3 2013.

You'll be able to watch the Xbox reveal on Xbox Live or through your browser on

Xbox 720 launch games include Forza, Ryse and zombies

A source talking to the Verge revealed a handful of games that will launch alongside the Xbox 720, though only two were named.

A new Forza game will launch alongside the Xbox 720, with "super life-like" graphics.

Crytek's Kinect-driven game Ryse - which had previously been announced as an Xbox 360 game - will launch with the next Xbox, and is compatible with a rumoured new and improved model of Kinect.

A Pixar-esque family game will launch alongside the Xbox 720, and is said to utilise Kinect to scan a player's entire body and create an in-game avatar to match.

Lastly, the source suggested a new zombie game is in development for the Xbox 720, but few details were revealed.

Xbox 720 release date is November, will cost $500

Speaking in a videocast, Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott revealed a few pieces of information on the Xbox 720.

Though there's no way to clarify his comments - at least just yet - it's worth noting that Thurrott did suggest the Next Xbox would be revealed on 21 May 2013, which turned out to be true.

Thurrott claimed the Xbox 720 would be "expensive" at $500, alongside a cheaper $300 version that comes with a subscription charge.

Thurrott added that the Xbox 720 will launch in November.

Xbox 720 will be built with AMD chips

According to a report by Bloomberg, Microsoft is using an AMD system-on-a-chip for its Xbox 720. 

This process of computation is easier to develop for, however, which will obviously be beneficial to development.

Microsoft will have a heavy focus on TV entertainment

In an official statement from a Microsoft representative, the company has sold its IPTV service Mediaroom to focus all of its TV resources on the Xbox.

While the Xbox 360 has already a wide range of TV entertainment apps available, this is likely to continue over to Xbox 720. Expect to see all the usual names - Netflix, Lovefilm, BBC iPlayer - and perhaps a few, Microsoft-only ones too.

Xbox 720 will come with built-in, new and improved Kinect

According to numerous sources, it has been suggested that the Xbox 720 will launch alongside a new and improved Kinect 2.0 - and will in fact be bundled in with the console itself.

This new Kinect is said to improve much of the criticisisms surrounding the current Xbox 360 version of Kinect, with a wider field of view, improved camera resolution and reduced latency.

What this means is that this new Kinect could be used in smaller environments, detect body parts easier (and to a great level of detail) and reduce the lag between your action and the on-screen reaction.

Xbox 720 is (or is not) online mandatory, requires an internet connection to play

This particular rumour has been so ingrained in the Xbox 720's media coverage that it's hard to assume the isn't some element of truth to it.

Countless sources have revealed that an internet connection is required to operate the Xbox 720, with some suggesting that you won't even be able to play your games if you're offline.

There are honestly so many rumours back and forth regarding this matter, it's probably best just to include links to the most relevant stories and let you form your opinion that way.



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