Blood Dragon Dev: 'When We Got Green Light, We Couldn't Believe It'

Ryan King


"It's not every day that a big publisher like Ubisoft gives you the opportunity to roll with a crazy idea like this one" says production manager.

Published on Apr 24, 2013

The Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon team "couldn't believe it" when they got the green light from Ubisoft to go ahead on the project, says the team's production manager.

Talking to NowGamer, Phil Fournier talks about the team's elation when they got the go ahead on the Far Cry 3 spin-off that's a tongue-in-cheek 80s action movie mash-up.

"After wrapping up Far Cry 3, Ubisoft gave us the great opportunity to blow off some steam and have fun," explained Fournier. "We're all kids from the 80s or 90s and we wanted to write a love letter to our childhood selves and remember those great moments spent watching cartoons like He-Man or awesome action movies like Terminator.

"When we got the green light for the project, we couldn't believe it. Honestly, we felt like kids that got all the keys to a toy factory and the fun we had making Blood Dragon really translates into the game. It's filled with lasers, cheesy-one liners, cyber-love and a lot of explosions."

The full Blood Dragon interview helps highlight the similiarities and differences to Far Cry 3, so have a read. Both Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and our review will be out next week.



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