GTA 5: Screensaver Clues Point To April 29 Announcement

Ryan King


Keen fans on GTAForums discover that the Epsilon screensaver has an expiry date…

Published on Apr 23, 2013

The next big announcement for GTA 5 looks like it'll be happening on April 29th at 3pm GMT.

We already know that Rockstar has cryptically pointed towards next week as the window for something GTA 5 related but fans on GTAForums have narrowed it down further.

It turns out the Epsilon screensaver (which can be downloaded on Rockstar Newswire) actually has an expiry date - April 29th 3pm GMT. This works out to 10am in New York, so it would be a feasible time for Rockstar to get a new announcement of some sort out there, and it falls within the already established window of next week.

So what happens when the screensaver expires, you ask? Someone on GTAForums set the date on their computer to the date in question and what happens is… nothing. The screensaver just expires.


So we'll see what happens next week and if Rockstar does have something up its sleeve to announce when the screensaver expires, which is almost serving as a countdown timer of sorts.



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