Next-Gen Will Make 'PC Development Much More Attractive'

Adam Barnes


Firaxis might not be developing for next-gen, but that doesn't mean it isn't interested in looking at the tech.

Published on Apr 18, 2013

Firaxis might not be an obvious choice to ask about next-gen, but considering the PC-focused developer released XCOM: Enemy Unknown on consoles last year it could well be working on a next-gen game too.

"We only know what we read about," said Firaxis producer Dennis Shirk. "And we get sent briefs like everyone else. On the Civ side of the building, we’re not looking at anything specific."

With that said, Shirk admits that the tech inside the next-gen machines - more specifically the PS4 - could certainly provide some portential for Civilization developer.

"I mean there’s some neat tech coming out. We have Kinect on the Microsoft side, but what’s kind of interesting about the PS4 – from what we understand – is that they have the new coloured globe that they used to have on the wands are built into the controllers now."

With the precision of Move built into the PS4's controller, Shirk suggests the controller could enable you to 'point at any point of the screen'.

"Which is intriguing because we’re always making mouse-driven games and things like that," said Shirk.

"So the new consoles are definitely adding things in that will make future PC development much more attractive in terms of ‘do we want to move this over?’.

"You don’t have to do quite the overall that you might normally have to do when you’re taking a game that’s made exclusively for the PC and port it over like that."

Shirk finishes by clarifying the Civ side of the building is "not specifically looking at hardware" but adds that he couldn't answer for the XCOM side.



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