Next-Gen Not About 'More Polygons Or Big Explosions' - Thief Dev

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Eidos Montreal is excited about next-gen, but there's more to better hardware than just spangly new graphics.javascript: void(0);

Published on Apr 4, 2013

We already know the next Thief from Eidos Montreal is headed only for next-gen consoles, but the team working on Thief aren't excited for new visuals or improved graphics.

"The starting point of this process was not relative to the tech," said producer Stephane Roy. "Let’s say it’s a board game, we going to have the same speech today about what we want the universe to pull you in and what type of feeling you should have."

But what really excites Stephane is not the capability of better graphics or more spectacle, but instead of improved immersion.

"Next-gen is really interesting to us is for the immersion. Now if you check something there is no pixilated textures or something like that. The dense city, the immersion, this is where the next generation is really great for this type of game.

"It’s not a question of having more polygons or big explosions, no, no, no."

Stephane believes it's particularly important for a slower first-person game like Thief, where you are Garrett and, therefore, need to feel like you're Garrett.

"You are going to be Garrett in the city, and when you are going to see the hands peaking it will be your hands, you know. This is where next-gen helps us."

Stephane finally added that next-gen hard will be able to avoid the reliance on loading data, to keep you within the world without breaking that immersion.

This is part of our full Thief interview with Eidos Montreal and recent eyes-on with the game. If you're interested in Thief then it's certainly worth checking out our rundown of all the Thief gameplay details.



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