PS4: How PSN ID System Will Change, New Pad Details

Ryan King


Our biggest pad gripe with PlayStation 3 has finally been resolved.

Published on Mar 28, 2013

More details on PlayStation 4 have been revealed at GDC (and no, not what it actually looks like, sorry).

Chris Norden, Senior Staff Engineer at Sony, shed light on the new PSN ID system and also gave some more details on the DualShock 4.

PSN IDs will continue to use online handles but will also use your real name, which won't be displayed by default. Friends can find you via a real name search through PSN, which is good if you're embarrassed by your xxMLGSuPaPr0Sn1p3zxx PSN ID.

As for DualShock 4, all buttons besides L2 and R2 will be digital instead of analog and they will sport enhanced vibration. The analog sticks will have reduced dead zones in comparison to DualShock 3.

But the most important feature is that the controllers will now charge when the PS4 is on standby. At LAST. This was our main gripe with the DualShock 3, because the bundled cable was too short and we were too lazy to do anything about it. Now that problem is solved. Hooray!

Finally, all PS4 units will come with a headset, solving the problem of deathly silence across PSN that PS3 owners currently experience. Whether having more chatter is a good thing or bad thing, though…



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