Sony: 'We Are And Always Will Be Focused On Gamers'

Adam Barnes


Sony promises that the PlayStation - including the PS4 - will always be about the gamers.

Published on Mar 26, 2013

Sony recently revealed how it aims to bring more indies to the PS4 by removing a lot of the approval process involved with getting a game available for PlayStation.

Sony, according to publisher and developer relations VP Adam Boyes, is, and always will be, about the games - and that's why these changes have been implemented.

"The way I look at it, is that PlayStation is and always has been about gamers," said Boyes in an interview with Gamasutra, "and has not always been about developers, but we are now.

"I use the analogy, if you're a developer, and you want your content to be seen by the most amount of people, it's easy to think 'I'll just go to Times Square with my guitar and play music, and that's the most amount of people.'

"The way we look at PlayStation, we're creating this amazing concert auditorium that's filled with people who are looking for music. They're looking for games, right? So when people put their content out there, it's the most focused audience of people. So that's the big thing I say."

With the PS4, Boyes believes its important to give developers the access they need to make their games available to the gamers - especially with indie developers.

"The other thing i like to talk about that stuff," said Boyes, "if you talk to the developers who make content, it's the guys like Brian Provinciano from Vblank, or the guys up in Toronto from Drinkbox Studios, their experience is that when you make content for gamers, from game developers that are in the right spot, then people just download it voraciously.

"Whereas with a lot of the other platforms, I think you have this challenge of fighting for awareness and discoverability."

Boyes didn't specify a platform, but Xbox Live Marketplace is often criticised by indie developers for not providing them with the awareness that they need.

"We are and always will be focused on gamers," added Boyes. "And so if you make content that you think will resonate with that audience, that's why I think it's important to come to our platform."



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