Pokemon X & Y: 'Proof Of Rumour' Pre-Evolutions Fail To Materialise

Alex Evans


Rumors suggesting Pokemon X & Y would get 99 new Pokemon have been cast into doubt after supposed 'proof' baby bug type Pokemon failed to materialise.

Published on Mar 21, 2013

New Pokemon pre-evolutions for Pokemon X & Y which wererumoured to be shown off this month have failed to materalise.

A raft of leaks from a so-called Mr XY stated that new pre-evolutions of Heracross and Pinsir named Chryscross and Buggler would be revealed on March 15 - read the rumours here.

The poster, who also claimed to have leaked the full 99-strong Pokedex for the upcoming 3DS games, including all the creatures' type combinations, said that the new bug type baby Pokemon would be revealed on that date and that it would be 'proof' of the rest of his claims.

The fact that they have not surfaced is not concrete proof either way that the leaks were not real - Nintendo could have decided to delay an announcement to make the rumour seem untrustworthy.

But it does suggest the claims - that there would only be six legendaries, 99 new Pokemon and Yveltal & Xerneas' types - are probably fake.





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