Blizzard Talks World Of Warcraft On Next-Gen Consoles

Adam Barnes


Will we ever see WoW on consoles? Can next-gen PS4 or Xbox 720 handle it? We ask Blizzard to find out.

Published on Mar 12, 2013

World Of Warcraft is still going strong, but could the advent of next-gen consoles mean we could see WoW arrive on consoles?

It's a question that has been thrown around for as long as the nine years World Of Warcraft has been active, but always the answer has been no.

With Activision and Bungie working on Destiny, which has MMO qualities and is targetting consoles, does this prove MMOs can work on consoles? We ask Blizzard's lead systems designer Greg Street that very question.

"I would personally be very excited to see that," says Street, "it would be a huge challenge to take something like World Of Warcraft with its massive hard drive footprint and its reliance on mouse and keyboard, I think if we were going to make a MMO for consoles then we might take it in a different direction."

Street then added that the Diablo team has been able to bring its strictly PC game over to PS3 and PS4: "If you take a look at what the Diablo team did with their console version, they just had to change some of the very fundamentals of the game to make it work differently.

"It can be done, it would just be a big challenge for a game like WoW."

Does this mean Blizzard is looking into some kind of cross-platform integration when next-gen rolls around?

"Yeah, it excites me. It would be something fun to work on just because of the design challenges would be kind of interesting to try to solve."

Street then went on about next-gen in general, stating it'd be an 'interesting few years'.

"Gosh, the next few years are going to be so interesting in this industry. We get to see where do the next generation of consoles go and where do tablets and portable devices go, and what are players most interested in?

"I don’t have a crystal ball and I don’t know where it's going, but I know it's going to be a fun ride."

We spoke to Greg Street as part of an interview looking into not only the recent Patch 5.2, but also the future of the MMO and where we might see World Of Warcraft in the next couple of years.



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