Gran Turismo 6 On PS4 Leaked?

Alex Evans


A set of photos on a Facebook page of a car manufacturer shows vehicles being scanned for inclusion in 'Gran Turismo PS4'.

Published on Mar 11, 2013

A set of photos on a Facebook page of a car manufacturer showing vehicles being scanned for inclusion in Gran Turismo might have inadvertently leaked a PS4 version of the game.

The Facebook photo album (in Italian) says: "Scansione Per Gran Turismo PS4" taken at the LM Gianetti manufacturer base.

You can see the photos here.

Of course, the photos could be for a PS3 iteration of the game and the album may simply be mislabelled, or it could be some sort of mix-up or hoax - but it does seem to suggest Polyphony Digital is currently working on vehicles for a Gran Turismo game on Sony's next-gen PS4 console.

UPDATE: The photo album in question has now been changed to 'Scanning Gran Turismo', which is a lot less giveaway.

UPDATE 2: The album is now gone entirely. Very suspect. Watch this space.

We grabbed a couple of the images before the album was removed, here they are:

And here is the other image:

Gran Turismo 6 was previously rumoured to be heading to PS3.

UPDATE 3: NowGamer has contacted Sony for comment, but the company refused to confirm or deny the rumour sparked by the album. A spokesman for Sony told us: "We're not making any comment I'm afraid."



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