Will Wright Talks New SimCity - Discusses City Size Limit

Adam Barnes


Will Wright - original creator of the franchise - has been playing the new SimCity, but what does he think of it?

Published on Mar 8, 2013

SimCity has released this week alongside both criticism and praise, but Will Wright - the man who created the SimCity series - has had access to the game early.

We asked Will what he thought of the new SimCity, and he had a lot to say - he even discussed the much-criticised 2K by 2K city size limits.

"I like it a lot," Will tells us. "It’s interesting, in some sense it reminds me of the post-economic crash. It’s not about making your city big, it’s about making them not poor."

Will had a lot of praise for the new Agent system as part of the GlassBox Engine, too: "I think they did a good job of balancing all the interrelated factors. At first it felt a little claustrophobic, you know with the size of the land, but after playing for a while I think it really makes a lot of sense."

But SimCity's city size limits isn't such a problem, claims Will Wright, "because really it makes you focus more on interrelations of those factors, so you could make a city four times bigger but you’d be dealing with the exact same variables.

"So by kind of focusing it in it feels more personal, and so I really do want to zoom down and get a sense of what it feels like on the street. I think the visuals are just amazing, I love the tilt-shift focal lens."

Will especially had a lot of praise for SimCity's art direction, really complimenting the 'feel' of the game.

"Visually it’s great. It was my old art director actually that was lead designer, and he had a very definite vision about the way that it would feel. But yeah, I’m enjoying it quite a bit."

So there you have it: the original creator of SimCity is a huge fan of Maxis' reboot.

Will Wright spoke to us as part of an interview looking at the legendary developer, his past games, his future games and even offered his insight into the industry. The rest of this interview will go live next week.



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