Microsoft Can 'Go Beyond' PS4 By Showing Off Xbox 720 - Publisher

Alex Evans


Microsoft can 'go beyond' PS4's reveal by showing off the Xbox 720, console and all, according to a games publishing head.

Published on Mar 8, 2013

Head of publishing company PikPok Games Mario Wynands says Microsoft can trump Sony's PS4 reveal by showing off the Xbox 720, including the actual console.

NowGamer spoke to Wynands about the next-gen consoles.

He said: "Sony was certainly saying a lot of the right things from an industry perspective, though for me the key message was a sentiment of openness towards independent developers, new business models, and all manner of content.  

"Microsoft has remained quite rigid in these areas for 360, so I would be surprised if they closed the gap here completely in what would be a fairly dramatic change of policy and internal process.  One can but hope. 

"For the rest of their presentation Sony had some solid things to show and say, but little which I wouldn’t expect Microsoft to match in their reveal.

"To go beyond what Sony has brought to the table, a physical console reveal might help make the next Xbox more tangible than PS4 to consumers.  

"As superficial as that might seem, no PS4 appearance at the PlayStation Meeting was a disappointment for many.

"To add to that, more games (less ports), more developers, more publishers, next gen Kinect, and TV/movie/music content would make for a competitive showing."

The full interview will go live later today.




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