Hawken: Raider Update Brings The Pain With New Weapons, Map & Mech

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Hawken gets itself a beefy patch adding new weapons, map and mech called the Raider.

Published on Mar 6, 2013

Free-to-play mech FPS Hawken has received a substantial update fixing a ton of issues, but players can now also get their hands on a new mech as well as a new map, too.

Hawken’s Raider update is packed with tweaks and changes to the game and its matchmaking as well as bringing new customisations for players wanting to further tweak their mechs.

As well as bringing new weapons and customisations, players can get their hands on the new Raider mech, which lets players:

“...close pesky gaps quickly and unleash incredible, burst damage--at the same time! Its Blitz ability not only gives you a bump in speed, it lets you boost forward AND fire your weapons at the same time! No other mech does that!”

Raider Mech Specs

  • Primary Weapon: ReFLAK-35
  • Alternate Primary Weapon: T32-BOLT
  • Secondary Weapon: Corsair-KLA
  • Prestige Weapon: EOC Repeater
  • Ability: Blitz
  • Starting Item: EMP

Hawken’s webiste details the lengthy patch, but the highlights are:

New customizations

  • Two new ways to "express" yourself to allies and enemies in-game: Details coming March 5!
  • NEW Thruster: JT-H0TSH0T
  • NEW Repair Drone: RD-QU4TERNION
  • NEW Chassis: Muller (Class B)

The new map is called Facility and according to the update:

  • Game Modes: Team Deathmatch and Missile Assault.
  • This work-in-progress map will be in an unskinned or "whitebox" state. Try it out and let us know what you think!
  • This map will not be part of the normal map rotation. There will be servers dedicated to this map specifically which can be accessed via Server Browser.
  • This map will also support Deathmatch in an upcoming patch.
  • Note: The Facility map will not be available initially when this patch hits while we perform some server wrangling on our end. It will be introduced before too long and we will provide updates on its status.

Check out the full patch notes on Hawken’s site for the full breakdown.



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