Project Eternity ‘Could Work With Touch Pad’ Controls Says Obsidian

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A console version of Project Eternity 'would be very tough', according to Obsidian's lead programmer, but a touch pad version might work.

Published on Mar 4, 2013

Obsidian Entertainment’s Project Eternity is yet more proof that the Kickstarter phenomenon isn’t going away, but there’s little chance console players will ever get a chance to play it.

And, according to Obsidian’s executive producer and lead programmer Adam Brennecke, that’s due to the incompatibility with console control pads.

“It would be very tough to put [Project Eternity] on a console, just because of the control scheme,” explained Brennecke.

“It’s very much like an RTS game and there are a few RTS games that work on consoles, the control scheme is very mouse-driven.”

However, that’s not to say that only PC players will get a chance to play Obsidian’s traditional RPG when it’s released next year. According to Brennecke, though only a PC version is currently in development, a touch pad version could work.

“It could work with a touch pad, but it would be very difficult to get [Project Eternity] working on a console,” continued Brennecke.

“That’s not really in the cards right now, but who knows. You might see another game in the Project Eternity world on a console, but I don’t think this game will ever make it to consoles.”

Though different version have been discussed, it’s still very early days for Project Eternity and it will only be after the original Kickstarter is released that Obsidian will even consider other versions.

“We’re definitely considering [other platforms]; we’re focusing on the PC version first and foremost. We’ve talked about a touch version of the game, but that’s currently not in development. I think we’ll see if the project’s successful and then look at porting it to other platforms.”

You can read the full interview with Project Eternity's Adam Brennecke in NowGamer's Project Eternity Kickstarter Chat #7.



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