Almost Two-Thirds Of Gamers Admit 'Trolling' Online

Ryan King


Nottingham Trent University study finds 59.5% of gamers admit to having trolled online.

Published on Mar 4, 2013

Almost two-thirds of gamers have trolled other players online, with most of those doing it for 'amusement or entertainment'.

The statistic comes from Nottingham Trent University, which as carried out a study of trolling in online gaming.

The study found trolling - which is defined by the study as 'intentionally provoking or antagonising users in an online environment' - had been carried out at some point by 59.5% of gamers who took part in the study.

Those participated in trolling 'tended to be younger, male and play for longer sessions.'

The main reasons given for trolling were 'amusement or entertainment' (almost half of those taking part in the study) or boredom (a quarter). A fifth said that had no reason for trolling.

The study also found that 47% of participants had either frequently, very frequently or always witnessed trolling in the last year.

Have you trolled online or been a victim of it recently? Do you think it's a serious problem for online gaming? If so, how do you think it can be solved?



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