Play MMO Bomberman Right Now

Ryan King


Bombermine is every bit as weird and engaging as the concept sounds.

Published on Feb 28, 2013

MMO Bomberman. It'll never work, right? Bombermine proves that somehow, someway, it does.

Currently in its beta stage, the browser version of Bomberman supports up to 1,000 players on a single map. The way it works is that it has huge areas of respawning grey blocks to smash through.

Otherwise… it's Bomberman. Same mechanics, same controls, same power-ups. There are some modern touches in there - we noticed players transforming into Nyan Cat (complete with colourful bombs) and a goal you can blast a football into - but it's essentially just a huge version of Bomberman.

Don't try this at work. It's strangely, horribly addictive.



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