The Last Of Us Shows Off Its Terrifying Infected Enemies

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Naughty Dog is creating an iconic new vision of the zombie, but will The Last Of Us' Infected result in unique gameplay?

Published on Feb 28, 2013

The Last Of Us has shown off just how terrifying its new infected enemies will be and spoken about the Planet Earth inspiration and why they’re different to zombies.

It’s clear that Naughty Dog has done its research when it comes to creating a new and interesting twist on the zombie but the real question is, will the infected create gameplay that’s different enough from the countless zombie games already out there.

According to the latest video Naughty Dog has shown that The Last Of Us’ infected are suitably grotesque and should result in some tense cat-and-mouse gameplay, but it really all comes down to how the gameplay evolves.

Check out the latest video right here:




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