Xbox 720 'Durango' CPU Detailed In New Leak

Alex Evans


Xbox 720’s rumoured Durango CPU has been allegedly detailed, pegging the internal workings at roughly PS4's level.

Published on Feb 28, 2013

Xbox 720’s rumoured Durango CPU has been allegedly detailed.

The raft of technical information from VGLeaks reveals a bevy of new information about the inner workings of Microsoft’s upcoming console, suggesting it will have two modules of four x64 cores running a single 1.6GHz thread each.

This is half the clock rate of the Xbox 360’s cores, but because the new console is built for more modern ‘out-of-order execution’, it allows the machine to make calculations more efficiently, requiring less overall clock speed.

Though the amount of RAM in the system isn’t specified, rumours peg PS4 as having between 1.6-2.0GHZ of CPU clock speed, suggesting the two should be fairly evenly matched, with PS4 perhaps having the edge.

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