Pokemon X & Y: 10 Ways 3DS Could Evolve The Series

Alex Evans


From Streetpass and pedometers to platforming, Miis and The Queen, NowGamer runs through the ultimate Pokemon X & Y wish-list.

Published on Jan 22, 2013

Pokémon X & Y will be amazing. From the overhauled graphics system to the power and featureset of 3DS, the sixth Pokémon generation looks set to be the biggest change to the series since the original Red & Blue.

We've picked through the Poke-mist and plucked out 10 changes Generation 6 needs to implement when it launches worldwide this October.

Seamless Areas

From the only trailer released thus far, it’s hard to tell whether areas will still load between routes.

Every game in the series has used little route-connecting-houses to disguise loads between areas. With 3DS’ power, it’s time that went away and trainers are treated to vast, open areas which connect seamlessly.

European Influences

Black/White’s ‘hook’ was its basis in American, rather than Japanese, culture. Everything from the skyscrapers of Castelia City to the Yank-friendly Pokémon designs themselves: ice cream cones, eagles and rubbish bags made it a game borne out of USA culture (even if you didn't like the resultant 'mons).

Pokemon X/Y is set to do the same for Europe. Little trailer hints like Pikachu balancing on the Eiffel Tower suggest Generation 6 will take on Eurozone characteristics.

A gym set inside a football (soccer…) stadium? Perhaps a London-inspired city, complete with a Queen Pokemon (other than Nidoqueen or Vespiquen…). Who knows what Gamefreak has up its sleeve, but it's exciting to see what Pokémon might do with our homelands, too.

StreetPass & Pedometer Training

First introduced in Heart Gold & Soul Silver, the slightly gimmicky Pokeball pedometer let you load on a creature and train it just by walking around.

3DS has a step counter built in, so we’d be surprised if there was no option to level up Pokémon by walking (especially as it’d encourage more Streetpass hits, too).

Ironically, Black/White did its own StreetPass-style system a month before 3DS released. But having the ability to trade Pokémon just by walking down the High Street would be incredible.

Or players could be treated to Mystery Gifts accessible only via Streetpass – just like Gold/Silver’s InfraRed link-up, but with everyone you ever meet.

More Post-Game Content

Every time a new Pokémon generation is revealed, the entirety of The Internet pleads with Gamefreak for multiple regions.

We’d love that to happen, a la Gold/Silver, but realistically the team is more likely to focus on making one really quality region, like Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Pearl and Black/White.

What it needs, though, is more to do after the Elite 4. We want to re-battle all the Gym Leaders (like Platinum) and re-fight everyone across the map every day (like Heart Gold/Soul Silver).

Daily and weekly events would also be a great way to keep the game alive outside just training and battling. Streetpass and Spotpass could just as easily keep things fresh here.

Refined Trading

Online trading, first introduced in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl, was a revelation. But it has its flaws, even on Black/White 2.

More often than not, we wander into the Global Trade Centre looking for a certain critter, only to be left disappointed by the fact everyone who has that ‘mon is looking for Lv.1 Palkia or other legendaries – i.e., creatures that cannot legitimately exist.

Canny players just use it as online storage. This needs to be better managed to ensure only real traders can find other real traders and reduce the abuse.

Proper Platforming 

We’ve already seen that trainers can swing on vines, so we’d be surprised if this was the only platforming integration in the title. Rock climbing that sees your character scale actual rocks, diving in deep waters that actually lets you swim openly? At this point, the only limit is Gamefreak’s amibition. 

Character Customisation

The very beginning of X/Y’s trailer shows the in-game character peering into a mirror, suggesting customisable appearances could make their way into the title for the first time. 3DS can integrate Miis into games – is it possible you could match up for online battles with your Mii in full trainer getup? 

No New Types

Every new Pokémon generation, rumours fly about the creation of new types, such as a ‘light’ type.

This is unlikely. New types were introduced in Gold/Silver to balance out Psychic’s power. Ever since, new gens have tried to balance the number of each type, evidenced by the influx of Dragon and Ghost types in Gen 3.  

To add a new type now, six gens in, would turn the battle scene upside down for the sake of it and take several more gens to balance out.

Tweaked Battle System

Gamefreak may be planning a change to the battling to make it feel more personal, making forging bonds with each monster more important than before. 

Game director Masuda blogged about “a new battle mechanism that allows your Pokemon to become even more powerful when the bonds you share grow stronger’.

Could that mean max stats could go higher depending on how many levels you’ve grown a Pokémon?

So, a monster raised from an egg at Level 1 would be stronger than one caught at Level 20. Or it could just make experience go up faster the longer you use one Pokemon without using another.

Whatever Gamefreak decides, a change to the way monsters are leveled up would be welcome after six gens, as long as it doesn’t rip up the rulebook entirely. Part of the problem with changing Pokémon is that it was pretty much born perfect. 

Refined hardcore mechanics

EV and IV training is ignored by most players, but a crucial aspect of the game whether you notice it or not.

In order to ensure X/Y is backwards-compatible (i.e., that you can trade your old ‘mons into X/Y from Black/White etc), Gamefreak can’t change the EV and IV system too much.

But it can alter how the hidden training points are gained. Diamond/Pearl and Black/White introduced training bands to increase effort points more quickly.

We’d love to see this refined further, perhaps reducing the EV cap from 255 to 252 (the other three points are redundant anyway because only 252 will affect max stats) or reorganising how points are distributed.

Finding another way to make the breeding/training process quicker – like making EVs visible, or allowing the Day Care Centre to incubate eggs would also be much appreciated.

Other than that, tons of new Pokemon, please - but that's probably a given.

What would you like to see Gamefreak do with Pokémon X/Y? Let us know in the comments below.



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