Sony: "We're Not Saying PS4 Is A Man's Machine And That's The End Of It"

Ryan King


"We focused on the core genres... the really passionate gamers will be first in."

Published on Feb 28, 2013

Sony has stressed that PS4 is not just a "man's machine", following the console's announcement which focused on "key genres for gamers".

Fergal Gara, the boss of PlayStation UK, was answering our question on PlayStation Move and the new PlayStation 4 controller in a lengthy interview, when he address the content of the presentation itself.

"We focused more on, I guess, core genres," explained Gara. "Key genres for gamers because the really passionate gamers will be first in. Let’s make no bones about it. So what kind of genres do they look for? Hardcore shooters are incredibly important. Having driving games are incredibly important. Having great third-party support is incredibly important. We lined up all of that.

"It did lead to a little bit of a core, male bias with a little bit of a counterbalance but I look forward to seeing that flesh out more because we’re certainly not saying PS4 is a man’s machine and that’s the end of it.

"PS4, like PS3, will want to be a very broad machine in terms of its appeal and we'll continue to broaden that story."



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