Prey 2 Teaser Site Updated

Adam Barnes


The Alien Noire website - which has been suggested to be teasing Prey 2 - has been updated with Human Head and Bethesda's logos.

Published on Feb 28, 2013

Earlier this month we reported on a suggested Prey 2 teaser site that had a countdown to what we could only assume to be a rereveal of Bethesda and Human Head's long-in-development game.

The website, which has been counting down to a reveal on 2 March 2013, is now updated to include Human Head and Bethesda logos.

Bethesda has claimed to have no input with the website, while no one at Human Head has commented on the website at all.

As internet-sleuth Superannuation points out, if the website is real it's likely not from Bethesda and - instead - from a team of developers stuck in development hell.

Additionally the source code has been updated with a little more source code - initially the website had a hidden note that read "Tommy needs your help" which has now been affixed with "with a stranded human who wants to go home."

What relevance this has is unknown, especially since it's already known that Prey 2 will feature a different protagonist than Tommy, the star of the original Prey game.

Additionally, subscribing to the website will reveal a handful of screenshots sent to your inbox.

Don't get excited, however, since these screens - as spotted by OnlySP - actually seem to be grabs from an IGN gameplay preview from some time ago; the images are tiny, low quality and match up identically.

It seems like a massive hoax to us, but there's only a couple of days left before we find out exactly what this is all about.

Prey 2 has long been in development, something we recently spoke to developers surrounding the project about.



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