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PS4 User Interface Screens Show Off New Features

David Lynch


Take a closer look at how the PS4's new features will allow you to share, socialise and play games together.

Though we know that Sony’s PS4 is bringing with it an advanced new set of features, exactly how they’ll all work together is still something of a mystery.

Each generation Sony has revamped its user interface and the PS3’s current XMB has seen us through the last few years.

But, with its ‘instant-on’, streaming games, video chat and array of social interactions the PS4 has had to rethink how it presents information to players.

These latest screens give us a really good idea how that all might work on the PS4. With personalised photos, much like Facebook profiles, used for each person, comment threads attached to gameplay videos and even ways to video chat while playing, the PS4 is bringing a lot of new features to console gaming.

It’s not clear if these are images of the final user interface set-up that the PS4 will ship with, but they do give a good idea what to expect of Sony’s next-gen console.

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